The Tragic Optimist

of vanpools and theme songs

Ok, I take a vanpool to work each day – the van fits seven of us (kind of snugly) for the 40 minute drive each way.  I actually quite like it – not having to drive, especially in the mornings – plus having a group to talk with on the way home.  Days when I drive myself, I find that I end up nearly exploding with my ramblings on to Chris once I’m home because I didn’t have anyone to talk with.  Ah, vanpool, how did I ever get through commutes without you?  But that’s not what this is about.  We got vanpool home work today.  Each member is supposed to bring his or her themesong next week so we can get a vanpool mix going.

I’m considering Tremendous Brunettes by Mike Doughty – hopefully the reasoning is obvious.  Chris recommended The Final Countdown by Europe, which I have to admit holds a certain appeal – and I know it would crack me up every morning, but I’m not sure it’s me.   Plus, could I deal with Final Countdown stuck in my head every day that the vanpool mix was played.  Annie Waits by Ben Folds has lyrics that are kind of funny when reading it for vanpool.  I do love Another Perfect Catastrophe  Though the vanpool is almost never late, since I’m one of the first stops.  Anyone else have their own theme song, or a great idea for a themesong for me?

Also, I have no idea why the comments were turned off on my post about the health fair.  I love comments, I think comments are one of the best parts of a blog, and while can understand why occasionally someone might have comments off on specific posts, certainly that post wouldn’t warrant it.


  1. hmm vanpool songs, fresh out of ideas! haha. I hope you find something awesome though!

  2. I’m choosing “Roll Another Number (for the road)” by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. It’s off one of my favorite of his albums, the sad and moving “Tonight’s The Night.” You can hear the resignation, albeit humorous, in his voice when he sings, “It’s too dark to put the keys in my ignition, and the morning sun has yet to climb my hood ornament.” That’s often how I feel starting off the day.

    Here’s a link to a good live version:
    [audio src="" /]

  3. I think I’d need a separate theme song for each mood – there isn’t one song that expresses who I am over all . . . but I suppose if I thought about a theme song as something that doesn’t express everything, but is picked up now and again as a thread through the years, it would probably have to be “The Same Deep Water As You” by The Cure (from Disintegration). Then again, Pink Floyd’s “If” (from the album Atom Heart Mother) would be great too . . . or “Skyway” by The Replacements . . . yeah. I could never choose just one.

    What if you picked the song that seemed to fit best for that day or week, and then surprised them with another one when the prior theme song just didn’t seem to fit anymore. You guys could have a set of various theme mixes to fit the moods or seasons or something . . .

  4. How about “More Than a Feeling” by Boston or “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey? Those songs seem to roll with the road, and they’re goofy enough to amuse the ears.

  5. geeksinrome

    what a cool idea! when i used to commute by train ( 1 1/2 hrs each way) people would play card games a lot or knit, do lace work! I just chatted with people from my town or read. One train line actually organized language courses, massage sessions… too bad I wasn’t on that line!!

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