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cross-generational eye surgery

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eye surgery gals

eye surgery gals

Right around the time that we learned that Zoe would need strabismus surgery, my grandma learned that she had put off cataract surgery for as long as was possible, and, as the ophthalmologist put it, her choice was to schedule the surgery now, or by her next eye exam, it would be too late.  The two surgeries are not at all similar, and recovery from surgery at 88 is far different from the recovery when you’re not yet 2.  But still, I like to think there’s a common bond between my two eye surgery gals.  And it was after learning that Zoe would have her own eye surgery that grandma finally agreed to schedule her own.  A totally unexpected, unintended, but wonderful consequence.  Grandma’s first cataract surgery is tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

Update at 10:30, grandma is out of surgery, it went well.  Her doctor says that tomorrow she should be seeing colors that she hasn’t seen in years.  Her other eye will be done probably next month.


  1. Good luck Ann’s Grandma! (love love LOVE the picture.)

  2. How sweet! You’re so lucky to have your Grandma still in your life and that she is enjoying Zoe’s company. The picture is priceless.

    btw- I live in the twin cities, so we must live close. 🙂

  3. oh wow! I am glad she did well in surgery!

  4. I hope your grandmother is doing well and seeing well. It’s nice to see how Zoe’s surgery impacted her decision to consent to surgery. Talk to you soon.

  5. PatsyZ

    The colors are coming, every day now this week, Edith, Great Grandma will comment about another color that she has just realized is different than she had been seeing. First the Dr’s shirt was really blue, then a sweet tea cosy that she made for us many years ago, surprised her by being purple instead of dingey grey. Another was a pair of slacks she had bought that were no longer black but blue. Also the sofa she bought 6 years ago had turned into moss green instead of brown.

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