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About a week or two ago, I asked Chris how he thought we were doing financial-wise, you know, what with the banks and the mortgage lenders and the stock exchanges all crashing.  We talked about it, and both felt pretty good with where we were.  We have some savings, our mortgage is at a decent rate, we just paid off our car, we both have jobs, mine is quite stable, and his seemed as stable as you might expect at a small software company – but he really felt like his company was doing well and doing the right things to keep doing well.  So it was a big shock when they told him on Monday that they were ceasing new development and he would be laid off at the end of the month – since new development is what he does (er, did).  That reassuring talk we’d a week ago was all of a sudden seemed really distant, and overly optimistic.  We’re pretty sure we’ll be fine.  With work and severance and vacation pay outs, we’ll have his salary through November, and after that, we have savings to work on for a few months before things get too tight.  Plus, Chris already has an interview next week, and he’s got a couple of other good leads, thank goodness we’re not in a tech crunch.  Still.  Not what we wanted to be dealing with.  So that’s what’s up with us.  How’s the economy treating you?



  1. elizabeth

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, and I hope Chris’ job search is quick and painless. I’ve been trying not to think about how the economy is treating me, personally. But I have to say the reality is becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that! Timing is never good but before Christmas seems especially harsh.

    Hubby & I both work in healthcare so we are embarassingly unaware of a lot of the economical changes until our family and friends are affected by it. Then we come up like ostriches and go, “What? Who? What’s going on?”

    It is terribly shameful.

  3. geeksinrome

    I’m so sorry Chris is losing his job. It’s awful how it just takes a day to change everything like that. It’s good he has a great marketable skill. Hopefully he will find something even better.

    I kind of live half expecting to get fired any minute since I don’t want to be caught unaware. Plus, I’ve experienced so many lay offs, I know how they can just sneak up on you! So I just save, save, save and know we can always move into my inlaws and go insane living with them!!

  4. What a bummer. My fingers are crossed in hope that Chris will find another and even better job the soonest.

  5. oh no! That is super sucky. I hope the interview goes well!

  6. Sorry to hear your husband lost his job!

    As for us, my job is stable but my husband is job hunting now (he decided not to TA this year because his school underpays and treats TAs terribly). He’s been going out on interviews, so am crossing my fingers he’ll get a job soon!

  7. Andie

    Oh no – I’m sorry to hear this. My DH is job searching for a Director IT/CIO type of job as he was laid off some months ago, and since the downturn in the economy there have been fewer leads, but there still are some. For the kind of job he is seeking, and where we are located, we were told (before all the volatility) that we should expect it to take 8-12 months. It’s been 9 or so, and we are both feeling really antsy. The lack of stability, lack of knowing is really getting to us. I hope we can stay where we are but we are also considering a move if it gets us back on track.

    I know others looking for other kinds of work in IT who have found jobs pretty quickly, so I hope you guys fall on that side of the statistics. This kind of stress, nobody needs …

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