The Tragic Optimist


Oh, if only I’d seen this guide before buying the apples for the apple sauce.  I know I could have remembered honeycrisp, which is a sweeter variety than the cortlands, and I’m pretty sure the store had some.  Plus I love honeycrisp apples.  Again, not that the applesauce turned out bad, but Zoe likes the store bought variety better because it’s sweeter, and that makes me sad.

But just looking at the pictures on that page is making my mouth water.  I’m going to have to make some more applesauce.  And maybe an apple pie, too.

Fall clearly is the season of eating for me.  I’ve got 3 posts in a row about food.

(thanks to Chris for finding and sharing the link to the apples guide)



  1. 🙂 Honeycrisps are the best. We picked our share of them this past weekend. I’ll send you the apple butter recipe if I can get my hands on it.

  2. Keep them coming! Your recipes sound delicious, I can’t wait to try the applesauce recipe for sure.

    There is something about cold weather that makes me want to eat – especially hearty comfort food. I can’t tell you how many grilled cheese sandwiches I have had in the past week. Today at work they cafeteria was serving Italian Wedding Soup – my new favorite and perfect with a grilled cheese. It was the highlight of my day!

  3. Gus

    We go down to an orchard near my sister’s place and buy pecks of apples each year and make both apple sauce and apple butter. Apple butter is dirt simple, you just put the apple sauce you made in a dutch oven-type vessel and put it in the oven all day, stirring occasionally, until it turns into that thick, dark, rich goodness. Sometimes, we add a stick of cinnamon to it, or a touch of brown sugar, depending on the batch of apples.

  4. Mmmm, apple butter. How hot in the oven?

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