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see shiny

see shiny

I got my very first blog award from The Continuing Adventures of SuperPreemie.  SuperPreemie is Shoshanna, Zoe’s big blog sister, and the daughter of very dear friends, who have kept Zoe well-dressed in S’s clothes.  Shoshanna will be 4 in just 2 days and it’s been very wonderful to read her story and watch her grow.  She spent 89 long days in the NICU and has grown into a pretty stinkin’ cute and smart kid.

So I’m supposed to pass the award on to others.  Ummm, this feels kind of like I’m leaving lots of people out, but here’s my picks:

  • At the foot of the bluff – a former co-worker and wonderful friend.  Her photos are amazing, as is her writing and her taste in certain sci-fi shows.
  • Oranges and Peaches – a friend and fellow librarian.  I love how she turns posts about day to day occurrences into a chance to do more research.
  • Fighting Windmills – more fantastic photos and thought-provoking posts.  Plus, she’s an Ani fan.
  • Geeks in Rome – geeks.  and in Rome.  Her stories keep me laughing, and I love reading about life in Italy.

Ok, for those that I’ve passed this on to, they are supposed to:

  1. Place the Logo on your blog
  2. Link to the person who awarded you
  3. You can nominate up to 5 blogs
  4. Add their links to your blog
  5. Leave a message in the comment section of their blog to notify the winners.


  1. Thank you, Ann! I appreciate your friendship.

    This is what my son has to say:
    ,mu nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn difsdyuwzauidusuggajb

  2. Thanks, Ann! Consider yourself tagged back . . . you can read all about it in my latest post. You’re now famous on my web log (as if the photos I posted last summer of me & you & Z weren’t enough, now I get to gush about your blog).

    P.S. Saw Siobhan last night – we had tea and pastries – she’s in SF for Oracle Open World. That old company we used to work for may have been a strange workplace, but I am so glad I worked there, just because I know fabulous people like you & the others I’ve seen recently and kept in touch with.

  3. Thanks Ann! I wasn’t sure I could tag you back, but since others have, I figure I have permission to do the same. Your blog(s) are excellent, and I love the range of topics and your approach to writing. AND! That there are now over 800 members in the “sarah palin is not a sexy librarian” group! You ROCK!

  4. geeksinrome

    shiny bling! lovin’ it. Thank you!! I love how you are championing the world of librarians! They rock and deserve TONS of money and awards.
    Can you believe the libraries in Italy close after 6pm and aren’t open on weekends!!?? well, ok, they’re open for a few hours early Saturday morning. Italians just don’t do books. 😦

  5. Eve

    ok, this is driving me nuts–who is “at the foot of the bluff”?. I recognize her picture.
    I KNOW we worked together and I can’t for the life of me remember her name (I have a guess for the first name, and that’s all). Email me?
    (yes, I’m yet another person-who-used-to-work for company that shall not be named and that no longer actually exists, unfortunately I returned to its successor after being laid off elsewhere)

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