The Tragic Optimist

oh ugh

After our wonderful morning together, I dropped Zoe off, wrote a blog post, did some laundry and headed to work.  I got to work just as an email arrived from Chris.  Zoe was being sent home from day care because it appears she has pink eye.  Ugh.  Chris took her to the eye clinic (because our regular doctor’s office was too busy to see her today), and the doctor confirmed that it was pink eye.  Luckily there doesn’t seem to be any concern due to her recent eye surgery (her eyes are pretty healed up at this point).  Unfortunately, it means we have to do eye ointment again.  When we did eye ointment after her surgery, Zoe would scream and cry and hide her face in our shoulders every time we tried to give it to her.  I have no reason to expect that it’ll go better a mere 2 weeks later.


  1. I know this doesn’t really compare, but it kills me when I have to medicate my cats. They get to the point where they cringe everytime I touch them, even if I’m just going to pet them and it breaks my heart.

    I hope the pink eye clears up quickly!

  2. Oh, suckola 😦 Not a good surgery chaser, but luckily temporary.

  3. I’m sorry you all have to do eye ointment again. Maybe you could let Zoe put some Vaseline in a dolly’s eyes so that she would understand how it looks/feels from your point of view?

  4. Eye-yai-yai, of all the families who shouldn’t have to deal with more any more eye problems, it’s definitely you guys. I hope the pink eye makes a quick exit.

  5. oh no poor thing! good luck with the eye medicine!

    I always think of rachel on friends now when I hear eye medicine, and how it took all 5 of them to hold her down to get the drops in! haha

  6. Oh no…eye infections are the worst. 😦 I hope she gets better really soon.

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