The Tragic Optimist

falling behind

So many little observations in the last week or so that I keep mulling over putting into a post.  Fall is a tough time of year.  It’s my favorite season, but it’s also the busiest one.  Every fall, I tell myself that next year I’ll remember how busy things are, and I’ll get started on everything earlier.  Every fall, I look ahead and think, this year won’t be so bad, I’ve done this before.  Every fall, I’m just barely keeping my head above water.  It stays above water, and it’ll stay above water this year, too.  But I have no left over mental energy for much else.

I think that’s maybe why I keep noticing little things recently.  Some things I’ve seen recently, with  no additional commentary:

  • on a walk around the lake, a heron standing stately on a sandbar in the lake.
  • on the same walk, a woman on a bike with a pomeranian in the basket on the handbars.
  • a hummingbird flitting through the flowers a block from my house.  I’ve never seen a hummingbird here.
  • that feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach at the beginning of the school year, as I think about all the school work and exams and papers, that always catches me by surprise, until I remember that I’m not a student anymore


  1. Because procrastination is ALWAYS a good idea, you can do a blog award, too! :^D

  2. (which is to say, check out my blog ’cause I done tagged you. and hit “submit” too soon)

  3. Hello Tragic Optimist (I love that, btw)

    Your post reminds me of a neat blog. It’s not fertility related, rather it is a reminder of the beautiful things that pass us by every day. I try to stop and smell the roses.


  4. Hi Searching for Serenity!

    the oneyearofbeauty is a great blog, I’d not seen that before. But it has a picture of the MN state fair, and that right there automatically makes it an awesome blog – the rest is very nice too. Thanks!

  5. Hang in there!!! You will once again make it though the busy, you are a trooper!!

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