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behold the power of librarians

When I wrote that post about Palin being described as a “sexy librarian” I didn’t really expect many people beyond this little blog’s readership to read it.  But it got passed around a bit (which has left me doing my best to resist re-writing it or at least giving it a thorough go-through) which is flattering, and pretty heartening.  On something of a whim, I started my first political facebook group:  “Sarah Palin is not a ‘sexy librarian'” and invited just a couple of people to join.  I figured I might get a dozen or two members, as long as it was more than 10, I wouldn’t feel too lame.  We’re nearly at 400 members now.  It’s sometimes easy to forget, though obvious in hindsight, that librarians are a very connected and active group – and friends of librarians are pretty awesome, too.  Now I just have to figure out what one does with a facebook group.

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  1. How awesome!! It would feel very flattering, but you shouldn’t be surprised. You are an excellent writer and I love reading your blog.

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