The Tragic Optimist

things I learned from Zoe’s surgery

Zoe post-surgery.  Her eyes are quite blood shot, but they're noticeably straighter.

Zoe post-surgery. Her eyes are quite blood shot, but they are noticeably straighter.

  • My little girl is a hard-core trooper.  If I had just gone through surgery, I would have been on the couch demading that Chris bring me grapes and bon-bons.  Zoe was up and running around and laughing and playing that afternoon.  And demanding grapes.  She is my daughter after all.
  • People rock.  The internet facilitates the rocking.  Seriously, I was touched by all the warm wishes and thoughts from old friends, new friends, and friend I’d never met.  I had often wondered if it helped to leave notes on someone’s blog wishing them well, especially if I’d never met the person.  Well, it helped me.  I loved reading everyone’s messages, and even made one last check right before leaving for the hospital to steel myself for the upcoming events.
  • I am so glad that Chris was my partner in this.  I would not have wanted to go this alone, and there’s no one I’d rather have gone through this with.  He went with Zoe to be put under because he knew how hard it would be for me to do it, and he knew that he would be a comfort to Zoe.
  • Holding your screaming daughter as she is just starting to come out of anesthesia, while she cries bloody tears and tries to rip out her IV is definitely a low in my short time as a parent.  I am enormously thankful that it only lasted 20 minutes (though it felt like 20 times that long), and once she really woke up, she downed 3 glasses of juice and asked for crackers.


  1. I’m late on the well-wishing, since I’ve cut back on blogging almost completely while home, but I’m really glad the surgery went well. I can see the difference. 🙂 And Zoe sure is a trooper indeed! 🙂

  2. geeksinrome

    Wow!! I am so relieved Z is ok and that the surgery went well. How scary!!! I have been out of loop since I’m on vacation, so still catching up a bit.

    yes, watching your child struggle and wail in the hospital is one of the WORST aspects of parenting. They are so small and have no idea why they are being tortured. Very glad short-attention span kicked in and she wanted that juice!!

    I hope she continues to do well and heal! kudos to the brave parents.

  3. Alison

    I’m glad she did well. Many hugs to you all. I can imagine how hard the crying after was… I hope we get to see you on the 6th (more formal invitation will come as soon as work calms down a bit)

  4. oh yay! I am glad she is doing so well and recovering so quick! she is a trooper for sure!!

  5. I don’t even want to think about how horrible those 20 minutes were. A toast (of juice, of course) to Zoe’s resilience!!

  6. Marino


    I’m glad your daughter is OK. She looks like a princess with glasses. I was browsing the net to look for people that has strabismus surgery and I found this blog. I’ll have strabismus surgery September 22, 2008. I’m nervous but I should be ok. I hope your doughter keeps getting better and you guys doen’t have to go through the pain of seen your daughter suffering.

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