The Tragic Optimist

I may need to add a new category “zombies” to this blog

Who knew there could be so much to say on the topic of zombies?  My wonderful husband Chris, who didn’t bother to tell me that his field of study in college included zombies, has tried to make up for that fact by pointing me towards this post on geekdad about zombie critters.  I will probably require a bit more chocolate, but then all will be forgiven.

Also, my brilliant coworker Iris sent me a link to this video which clearly elucidates one of the best tools in surviving a zombie attack – the library!

(no, I have not yet finished writing that guest post, why do you ask?)


  1. zombies are everywhere!!! I am turning into one, i am so tired! ha ha.

  2. Your blog is so educational!! I didn’t know there was so much information on zombies readily available!

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