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Great government document titles

Since Val mentioned the Canadian Zombie government document in the comments of my Zombie post, I thought I’d pull this old post from my Ann the Librarian blog about government documents.

The Free Government Information site has a list of the best government document titles.  Some are awfully sad, “WRA: A story of human conservation,” or “Government versus homosexuals.”  But most of the titles are just plain silly, especially if you don’t know the actual contents of the document.  I’m torn as to which is my favorite.  I’m particularly fond of “Cooking up solutions: cleaning up with lasagna.“  Though “Distinguishing bolts from screws” might be a useful one to look at.  But you really can’t beat the Canadian government document “Who are the Zombie masters and what do they want?“  What indeed?

The Free Government Information site seeks to raise awareness of issues around access to government information – definitely a worthy cause.

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  1. wow, those are some strange titles!! who thinks up this stuff?? its like the guys who pick paint color names, whos job is that? they are usually so freakin random!

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