The Tragic Optimist


I’m trying to write something.  Well, specifically, a guest post for another blog, they asked me to write about young kids and glasses, some of the difficulties they face, and why I started the little four eyes blog.  Nothing big, they said, just a quick post.  When I was asked, I was so excited and thought it would be a snap.  I mean, I’ve written about the topic a lot.  But when I put pen to paper (well, fingers to keys), I just get stuck.  I finally got something plunked out, but when I re-read it, it just felt flat.  I like to think I have a writing style – one with convoluted sentences and poor grammar, but also genuine and relatively light-hearted.  But this thing is just heavy, and uninteresting, and sounded mostly like I was whining (hmm, a bit like this post perhaps).  I know I just need to pull it back up and just work on it a bit more, but every time I try to do that, it’s like my mind slips past it, and I come up with all sorts of excuses for doing something else instead.  And no, I don’t wonder why my college years were spent staying up far too late trying desperately to finish papers that I kept putting off.



  1. Sometimes I wish I could do over my college papers. I was a desperate procrastinator too. Good luck getting this guest post done, Ann!

  2. chrisgwinn

    I think I’m part of the problem. When Ann asks me to help edit, sometimes the results aren’t recognizable as her writing.

  3. possibly, but my inability to pick the piece back up and work on it is undoubtedly the primary problem here.

  4. I feel it the worst when it is a topic I really, really care about. Sometimes I just can’t get my thoughts and feelings out of my heart, into my fingers and on the paper in a way that really does it justice.

    Good luck!!

  5. I think you’re an excellent writer, Ann. You’ve admitted that it’s difficult for you and doesn’t come naturally, but I never would have guessed that if you hadn’t mentioned it. Of course, we’re all our own toughest critics.


  1. I may need to add a new category “zombies” to this blog « The Tragic Optimist
  2. well that took a little while « The Tragic Optimist

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