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surgery restrictions

We just got the packet from Zoe’s ophthalmologist’s office with “Information you need to know about your surgery.” Which isn’t too helpful since Zoe isn’t doing much reading yet. I blame her farsightedness – it makes it difficult for her to focus on the fine print. That and the fact that she isn’t 2 yet, and can’t read.

The bad news is that we have to show up to the eye institute where the procedure will be done at 5:30 AM. Ugh. The good news about that is that the surgery is early in the morning so that Zoe will be asleep for most of the eating restrictions. She is allowed clear liquids, which includes jello, up to 3 hours before surgery, but that means she would have to have it before 4:30 AM, and I’m not about to wake up that early just for a jello snack.

The toughest to follow will probably be the post-surgery restrictions. Zoe will have to wait 24 hours after the procedure before she can:

  • drive a car
  • operate power tools
  • drink alcohol
  • make important decisions
  • sign her name

damn! I was really hoping she’d be able to drive me home so that I could take a valium during her surgery.


  1. Heh. Caleb had eye surgery (of sorts) at six months old – he had a plugged tear duct that was cleared out. Then he had PE tubes put in when he was almost 2. He was knocked out for both, so we got the same kind of surgery times, and the same restrictions. It really is funny what they feel the need to tell you. And yeah, valium for the parent, with a requirement that a non-related adult be there to take care of *you*, should be on the list.

    Too bad the surgical centers don’t offer chauffer services. That would help.

  2. LOL. I have nothing else to say. Hee hee.

    Good luck to Zoe – give her a hug for me!

  3. Actually, the place we’re going does have a van service. Maybe I should check that out.

  4. Wow – that was super helpful. Not to mention really funny!! I bet no one in the office noticed the irony either.

  5. man those post op restrictions, kick you down everytime!!

    hee hee, she is going to do great!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a meme. Details are on my blog. Hope you don’t mind!

  7. Ana

    Hi, I found your site via a google search for strabismus/eye patch. We were referred to ophthalmologist by our pediatrician and are just a bit nervous. Our pediatrician also told us that he didn’t think Vivien had much of a problem either. I’ve been looking back at old pictures and it seems like it’s always been there. More noticeable in certain pictures than others.
    I hope your little one is doing well!! Ana

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