The Tragic Optimist

yoga notes

Made it to yoga again. I seem to only make it every other week, but I’m trying. I really am. I wasn’t cracking myself up quite as much this time, but the cd that was playing did start skipping in the middle of class. That in and of itself isn’t even worth a mention and hardly more than a bit of a smile, but it did amuse me that the music that they play during yoga is so monotone and repetitive anyway that it took a good while before any of us noticed that it was skipping at all. That’s the problem – or the beauty, I guess – with slow chanty music, you never know if the guy is just chanting the same syllable over and over again by design, or if your cd is scratched.

I think I may try to use my amusement at yoga for personal gain, or at least for motivation, which in theory would lead to personal gain, or preferably, a bit of personal loss of a bit of my physical personal flab.  Because although I really love how I feel after yoga class, and I know that love how I am going to feel,  it’s still way too easy for me to find excuses not to go.  But maybe if I include the added benefit that it’ll be funny, then maybe I’ll be more excited about going.


  1. I think the main reason I only do exercise stuff at home is in part due to the fact that I’d likely laugh my butt off at the sheer silliness of it all were I to try it in a group. I just use the 4 kids as an excuse.

  2. at least you are going right! and the more you keep going the more you will like and it hopefully the more you will go!! I am proud of you anyways 🙂

  3. Very nice repetition of “personal” and “maybe”. You really gave us the effect of the skipping CD in writing! LOL!

  4. Um, yeah, that was totally intentional. That repetition echoing the skipping CD. Really. 😉 Now, that I’m re-reading it, I kind of like it having that effect.

  5. I’ve found excuses for close to two years now, not counting a couple attempts in the middle. I really need to change this. I clearly remember how good yoga made me feel and how out of sorts I used to feel when I skipped. I guess the latter feeling has now evolved into “normal,” which probably isn’t so good.

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