The Tragic Optimist


  1. I have a slight preference for the flavor of raspberries. I also love tomatoes more than snap peas. All four of those things are delightful, though. We have a CSA share too, and it’s completely worth it.

  2. Raspberries have that tart little kick that gives them the edge over strawberries. Neither of them, however, can hold a candle to a handful of good, fresh blackberries.

  3. While raspberries are delicious, the sweet, tart, meaty texture that is a perfect summer strawberry jumps out at you in a way that is incomparable. The brilliance of fresh summer strawberries from a farm is that they are often not the over-bred crazy-large ones you find in the supermarket. They are often the intense concentration of flavor that one only finds in the little jewels of wild strawberries….

    And I’ll go with tomatoes any time. There is not just one flavor of tomato – with heirlooms you’ve got the brandywines, the green tigers, the purples, all of them with a distinct flavor and texture. My idea of summer perfection is a panzanella salad with good crusty bread, fresh herbs from the garden, a bunch of different farmers market heirloom tomatoes and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette!

  4. The salad also had some of the smoked whitefish we picked up in Grand Marais last week. Yum.

  5. motherhoodandpotatoes

    I prefer strawberries as they are sweeter than raspberries although I recently started eating more raspberries.

    The salad you made sounds refreshing!

  6. Gus

    I’m all about the tomatoes. Having lived in Texas for several years (even though I’m now back in Indy), I think of sugar snap peas as a winter/spring crop. In Texas, we planted them in November and harvested until February/March, which is when we pulled them up to plant the tomatoes. Being back in Indiana, however, there’s nothing like a fresh heirloom tomato picked and eaten right there in the garden. Unless it’s an ear of corn done the same way.

    As for the fruit, I prefer raspberries to strawberries generally, but when I spent a summer in Austria, and was able to get fresh strawberries there, they were the best, sweetest berries I had ever tasted. I would buy a litre every day on my way home at the little stand by the U-bahn. This year, we had a black-raspberry bush in our back yard that was absolutely wonderful. Mary had never had them before. She fell in love immediately.

  7. raspberry’s and peas are my picks!

  8. Oh yum! Sounds so nice and summery and healthy too…
    I can’t decide…good strawberries are awesome, but they’re just not always reliably good.
    But as much as I enjoy sugar snap peas, I think I’d say tomatoes, b/c they are more versatile, and I use them more.

  9. 1. Strawberries for the danger element. Okay, so they aren’t really dangerous but when you bite into a super ripe strawberry and it is a REALLY good one it feels like a win.

    2. Tomatoes just because I eat more tomatoes. Salads in the summer time have a whole new flavor that the ones made with red yet tastless tomatoes of the winter time.

  10. Ok, first off, winter produce? What are you even talking about? The idea of harvesting vegetables in the winter is just crazy. CRAZY!

    I still haven’t chosen a favorite for myself. I expect I’ll need a lot more taste tests.

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