The Tragic Optimist

I am not always so helpful

I mentioned in my last post that Zoe’s hit her independent streak, and that last night she wanted to put on her pajamas herself. Well she wanted to do that tonight as well. This time she nearly managed to get her pajama bottoms on right – both feet first went through the same leg hole, but we got it sorted out, but before she could pull up the sleep shorts, Chris decided to try and help her with her top. So while all this is happening, she also has little pajama pants hanging around her knees. So Chris keeps trying to explain how to get your head through both the bottom of the shirt and through the neck hole, which Zoe doesn’t quite grasp. He keeps trying to bunch up the shirt to make it easier, she keeps saying “no!” while pushing his hands away. So she gets the shirt over her head, but doesn’t get her head through the neck hole, and instead is trying to push her head through an arm hole, which isn’t working. She can’t see anything and is starting to turn around trying to see where she is when she runs into her dresser with her head and kind of bounced off and falls on her butt. (She didn’t hit her head too hard or anything). Up until this point, I had been trying to help her into the pajamas, but once she hits her dresser, I totally lost it. I dissolved into a giggling mass on the floor while Chris kept trying to help her without letting her know he was helping. I’m guessing that my shaking on the floor as I valiantly tried not to laugh out loud was less than helpful.



  1. Wish you could have caught that on video! That would be a good one to show her later. 🙂

  2. Nice. I was guilty of laughing a bit too much last night when Shoshanna and Theo (T just turned 2) both tried to hop up into the same chair at the same time and bonked their heads together… neither was really hurt but Theo howled quite a bit, as I imagine Z did at the indignity of the whole thing.

  3. ha ha! so cute, I can just imagine this crazy scene!

  4. I am so glad that you ended the post saying you were giggling, because I am laughing outloud picturing it in my mind!

  5. Kymberli

    LOL! Boy, does that take me back. Kaelyn, the youngest, has been dressing herself for a while now. The funny thing is, 9 times out of 10 she puts her shirt on backwards.

    I can just see you there giggling!

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