The Tragic Optimist

21 months

Zoe didn’t see her first fireworks this month, but she has hit a bunch of other milestones:

  • She says the word “no”, and she is not afraid to use it. At all.
  • Got her first haircut. Well, trim, really. She had two big curls that were longer than the rest of the back of her hair, so I trimmed those off.
  • After her first hair trim

    After her first hair trim

  • She’s started waving to kids without me asking her to do so. When we walk around the lake and she sees another kid in a stroller, it’s like she’s running into an old friend, she lights up and waves with a huge smile.
  • We’re way into the independence streak all of a sudden. I tried to feed her the last spoonful of applesauce this evening. “No!” as she pushes my hand away. I tried to help her get her pajamas on last night. “No!” and much wailing as I did it anyway. (It was cute to watch her try to put here pajama bottoms over her head, but it was getting late.)
  • New lenses for her glasses – they make her eyes look even bigger. Hopefully they will also get her eyes back to straight again.

    Not sure you can really tell, but I can - her eyes are looking straighter with the new lenses

    Not sure you can really tell, but I can - her eyes are looking straighter with the new lenses

  • Lots of new words. She’s repeating a lot of words that we say, but ones that she’s recently said spontaneously:
    • car, baby, rice, ice, bo-bo (to mean strawberries, raspberries, or grapes – no, I don’t understand), coffee (this makes me inordinately proud), duck, shoes, rock (both the verb when on her rocking chair, and the noun when we’re outside).
  • She all of a sudden can identify lots of body parts
    • head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, mouth, teeth, chin, neck, elbow, hands, fingers, belly button, knees, feet, toes


  1. Wow!! It is so awesome when they start to turn into a little person. Except for the “NO” part . . .

  2. Wow! She’s growing up so fast! Change happens so quickly when they’re so young…I’m sure you’re enjoying every minute of it. 🙂

  3. My blog-daughter is a genius!

  4. shes a superstar!!! love the haircut, so in with the babies these days!

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