The Tragic Optimist


This morning when I got to work, I got an email from Chris about a coworker whose eldest son was killed in a mountain biking accident this weekend. I don’t know the person, and Chris doesn’t know him well, but the idea of losing a child is just chilling. My heart and prayers go out to the family. I feel a little silly about some of the things I listed as fears in my previous post. I don’t fear them nearly so much as that.

Over lunch and into the early afternoon, we had a lovely baby shower for a coworker. Good food, cute gifts, good people, and perhaps the best cake in the world – the princess torte – a cake that contains no chocolate, yet is still the best cake in the world, so that’s saying something (the cake came from a different bakery than the link – the bakery we used didn’t have a picture – and the picture is from the bakery that made our wedding cake, so I don’t feel bad linking to it).

Then it was back to work. Where a friend and coworker learned that her beloved family dog had died unexpectedly that afternoon. I watched her struggle with the raw grief of losing a wonderful pet, when you’re not able to be there, and tried to offer what comfort I could, while being hit with memories of my own pets that I’ve lost.

Luckily, dinner, playtime, bath and bedtime were pleasant and easy, because I’m emotionally drained. Now I’m reading emotionally unengaging websites, and answering silly, trivial questions on YahooAnswers.



  1. Ugh. What is it about the world lately? It really is a big bag of suck. Glad family time was non-upsetting, at least.

  2. Oh no! Your poor freinds, what a hard day. I hope tmr goes better for you!

  3. Life just comes and hits you sometimes…we have so many “reminders” of what life really is all around, but I fear the day when it may hit closer to home…

    Hope you are relaxing and not being drained emotionally now. 🙂

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