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More on the baby bunnies

This evening as I was out watering my garden, I saw the mama bunny feeding her babies, so I grabbed my camera. I tried not to disturb her, but she did see me after a bit and hop away. From my web searching, it sounds like mother rabbits immediately hop away from their offspring if they’re threatened, so as to distract the threat and pull it away from the babies. I felt kind of bad about disturbing their evening meal, but then, such interruptions probably happen a lot in the wild, and she really has it pretty good in our yard. Plenty of food nearby (I love that she eats dandelions), her burrow in a gated community (well, our yard has a fence around it with a gate) to keep out the riff-raff and neighborhood dogs, a spacious (for a rabbit) lawn, and someone to take care of the yard work. Maybe I don’t feel so bad for her.

You can just see the babies eyes under the mom’s body

Babies outside their burrow after mom left. They hopped into the burrow quickly thereafter.

One of the babies was peeking out of the burrow until it saw me and quick scrambled back in.



  1. How cool!! I so miss living in the country. The part of town our neighborhood is in is so busy, we are lucky to get a frog every now and again.

  2. Laura

    I live in PA …and for the last couple of years a bunny mama has had her babbies in my front yard too. I always feel honored that they feel safe enough to be in our front yard. I just don’t like when they get into the back yard because I have 2 dogs that like to go after them. You should see me yelling to get my dogs in the house when there are rabbits out back. I’ve already had to come to a rabbit’s rescue more than a few times….my husband thinks I’m nuts. lol :o)

  3. BJ

    Great story and cute photos!

    My bunny has had babies down a burrow she built below the floor of her hutch. Its been nearly two weeks and I still havent seen them yet but I’m assuming they are okay as I can tell she still goes down there because I can see the disturbed soild where she has tried to cover up the burrow again each morning.

    Its hard to know if I’m doing the right thing, but I’d rather not interfere with nature. I hope they’re okay. Do you know how old the babies are in the picures you’ve taken here?


  4. Thanks BJ! I think we noticed that the bunny had dug the burrow about 2 weeks before I saw the babies. The ones in this picture are at least 1 week old, but I’m guessing they’re a couple of weeks old. The left the burrow just a day or two later. I still see one of them in my back yard on occasion. I did look in to the burrow a couple of times when the mother wasn’t there to see if there were babies. It didn’t seem to stop the mom from coming back and feeding them in the evenings.

  5. BJ

    They’re so sweet. I actually finally saw one of the little babies tonight, it came all the way up the burrow and peeked out, pretty much the same size as the one you have pictured here. Its quite exciting šŸ™‚ It looks like a little mouse, I wonder when their ears grow big!

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