The Tragic Optimist

overheard at daycare

As we walked in to the morning room at daycare, one of the older boys said to another older boy that his friend Zoe was here. The second boy said, very indignantly, “I’m not friends with Zoe!” It made me laugh. Me thinks the boy doth protest too much.



  1. That is so funny. One of my favorite stories is from when my friend’s daughter was five years old and coming home from day care. Her husband slammed the door with, “Tell your mother what you did today!” My friend thought, “Great, here it comes.” After prodding, her daughter finally exclaimed “I hit Sara because she said Chris is her boyfriend and he’s not, he’s mine!!”

    Whew! Can’t wait until she is 16!!

  2. Ha! I love it, Jamie.

  3. Kids are funny. So cute though, I am glad you can laugh at that not freak like some mothers I know would!

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