The Tragic Optimist

Help make tomorrow a new day

Good update: It looks like we’ve successfully knocked the bad date off of A.M.S’s blog dashboard for both of her blogs. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with a click (or two).

(warning, this post talks about the death of a child in the NICU, just in case you’re not in a good place to read about that).

On Jan. 24, 2008, A.M.S. lost her daughter, Zoë who was 3 weeks old. Due to a “feature” of the WordPress blogging software, the day that the most people visit your blog is listed as your “best day ever.” Well, for A.M.S. the day that her blog was visited the most was that horrible day, and now it’s listed on her blogs’ dashboard as her “best day ever.” She’s asking that everyone who can, visit her blogs on May 29, 2008 (tomorrow) as many times as possible to remove that date from being listed. It’s a small thing, but it can make such a difference. So please, click on her blogs, or if you’re up for it, point other people there as well:

WordPress starts the days at midnight UTM (essentially Greenwich Mean Time), which is 6:00 pm today my time (CST). So that means you should start clicking in just a couple of hours.



  1. yay! I am glad she is having a new best day ever!

  2. Amazing what we can do together!!

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