The Tragic Optimist

well that made my day

I helped a student with a research question last night from home.  I just got an email back in reply that starts out: “Holy Crap- That was the best response ever. ”

Funny how a little appreciation and thanks can give me such energy, and get me excited about my work.  I need to remember that.

More thoughts coming on my job and how I got here, but first I need to get to my actual job (I’m working the evening shift tonight, so I get to go in late, no snow in the forecast tonight, thankfully, but there is snow in tomorrow’s forecast.  Seriously not right.).



  1. OHh I can’t wait to hear about how you became a librarian! You are like a female Henry, minus the time traveling and walking around naked in the library shelves thing!

  2. How sweet! I know the feeling. A couple of days ago I checked my box at work. A girl I taught four years ago sent me an invitation to her high school graduation. Of all her teachers she could have sent one to, she remembered me. She included a sweet note of thanks on the back of the picture she included. It makes it all worth it, doesn’t it?


  1. How did I get here « The Tragic Optimist

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