The Tragic Optimist

The good, the not so good, and the ugly

The good

  • Zoe was in a great mood this morning. As we were getting her ready to go, she reached up and tousled both Chris’s and my hair. We hadn’t ever realized that we both do that as a sign of affection until Zoe picked up the habit. I smile every time I think about it.
  • Chris’s sister is coming to visit – and has possibly arrived as we speak – er, as I type this. It should be a fun visit this weekend.
  • To celebrate National Library Week next week, I get to plan a celebration where we hand out root beer floats one afternoon. Those things are fun to plan.

The not-so-good (just weren’t quite bad enough to call them bad)

  • I work tonight until 10. I actually quite like having an evening shift. I get a lot of interesting, wide-ranging reference questions in the evenings, and I like being able to come in late one morning a week. Except that I had an early morning meeting today, so I didn’t get a leisurely morning. Plus I’m really not looking forward to the drive home tonight (see the ugly).
  • Zoe’s daycare was evacuated at the end of the day because of a strong sulfur smell. Chris got there as the evacuation was taking place, so he was able to help get everyone and all their coats out, and no one got sick, and the kids got to see fire fighters, but still, not a good thing.

The ugly



  1. I love that Zoe tousled your hair. And may I please have one of those rootbeer floats? What a different day we’ve had here—it was 80 degrees.

  2. Come on up to Minnesota next week and you can absolutely have a root beer. The only requirement is that you love your library.

  3. Ah the Libe’s rootbeer floats….or was that some other group that used to have them in the good ole days?

    I saw that weather forecast for you guys this morning and couldn’t believe it! It was 75 here today and I went on my first bike ride of the year (11 miles!). Gotta get it in now because Saturday is going to be rainy and miserable and Sunday I go to China again for a week. Good luck dealing with the snow…hope you guys get some spring soon!

  4. Dang… apparently I don’t need to worry about packing up & mailing the 24 month-size rainbow dress anytime soon.

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