The Tragic Optimist

Baby doll: the acceptance

Zoe has gotten used to the baby doll and plays with it now with no fear.   She’ll play peek-a-boo with it, and pat it’s head. My favorite is when she gives the doll toys and has the doll play with them, and when she points out the nose and feet of the doll (we’ve been working on body part identification).

We also got to visit some friends from out of town this weekend and meet their new 2-month old baby, Charlotte, which was wonderful. Zoe was very interested in the real baby, but was very good and mostly just wanted to look at her. Her parents were very kind and even let Zoe pat the baby gently, which was a new kind of stress. I know that Zoe is a gentle girl, but she is 18 months, so there was a lot of hovering nearby, ready to pull her away if she looked like she was about to go for the eyes.  But she didn’t.  She patted Charlotte’s head a few times and touched her arm.  There’s a terribly cute picture of the two of them on Charlotte’s blog.



  1. I’m glad she isn’t scared of the baby doll anymore! What a cutey she is!

  2. I certainly never worried about Zoe going for the eyes. I also thought she was very sweet with Charlotte. And she was hilarious, sticking out her tongue all the time! Charlotte has been doing that, too, lately. She clearly looks up to Zoe.

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