The Tragic Optimist

lies we tell our children

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll never lie to your child.  That you’ll answer even the hardest questions with honesty, at the appropriate level.  Turns out that it’s not the hard questions that you’re faced with first.  Zoe’s hardest question at this point is, “cheese?”  No, my first lie to Zoe has been telling her that the rice crispy treat that she got in her Easter basket is really just a pretty colored toy to carry around.  Nothing to eat here, not at all.



  1. Ok, that’s excellent. Though you must consider, this IS the kind of lie that my dad would have told to me so I wouldn’t eat sugar…and then as soon as I got an allowance I started sneaking over to the local store and buying as many red hots, lemonheads, and boston beans as I could with my pittance….so be warned….denying sugar to your children as a toddler may lead to sugar binging as an elementary school student! :=)

  2. DavidQ

    I always figured that to become a parent was to enter a world filled with half-truths, outright lies, and bribery. All for a good cause. We rarely tell the whole truth about certain key issues even to our closest adult friends, who are hopefully well equipped to handle conflict, ambiguity, and who can make informed decisions about the world for themselves. Why would we assume that the unvarnished truth is good for a two-year-old?

  3. chrisgwinn

    The amazing thing is that she hasn’t even tried to eat it, and she carries it around a lot.

    She did figure out that the plastic eggs could be opened and the bunnies inside were edible. She didn’t like them much though.

  4. Ha ha! That is so cute! I am sure she will soon figure out it is edible!

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