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Baby doll

Zoe’s now at an age where babies are fascinating.  Whenever she sees one, she smiles and points and then stares intently.  For a long time.  It’s gotten so that I specifically seek to sit directly in front of families with babies at church, so she’ll sit quietly.  Heck, I’ve considered renting a 3 month old to just lay on our living room floor and entertain her while get stuff done around the house.  Except that then I’d have to take care of a 3 month old, too.

So it made sense that Chris’s mom would get Zoe a baby doll for Easter, and I fully expected it to be a hit.  But Zoe was pretty wary of it, and still is.  She certainly kept looking at the doll, and when my mom picked it up and moved it’s arm to wave at her, she lit up with a smile and waved back.  But when we tried to hand her the doll, she would back up quickly, keeping a close eye on it with a furrowed brow.   She’s gotten a bit better, letting me hold her and the doll at the same time.  But I think it may be a while before she picks up any babysitting jobs.


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  1. David and I went to a party a few weeks ago where there were lots of kids, and a one-year-old girl named Maeve was fascinated with Charlotte. Maeve knows a little sign language, and she kept staring at Charlotte and doing the sign for “baby.” It was adorable!

    I’m sure Zoe will be very excited to meet Charlotte when we’re in MN! I hope you guys can make it over to my parents’ place when we’re in town.

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