The Tragic Optimist

big kid bed

No, Zoe’s not out of her crib yet, Chris and I decided that now that we’re married homeowners with a child, maybe it’s time we take that next step in our relationship and buy a real bed. One that doesn’t fold up into a couch. One that might last for a while. One that might even be comfortable.

Last night was our first night in the real bed, and let me tell you – wow! We should replace our super-cheap 10 year old furniture more often. It was like sleeping in a hotel room – where the mattress is comfortable and your feet don’t kick the end of the bed. Our older cat, Doza, is also a huge fan, she spent the whole night at our feet for the first time ever. When we first got her, we had another cat, Cilla, who had laid claim to the futon that we slept on. Despite the fact that Doza could have taken Cilla in a fight at any point, Doza respected Cilla’s claim. Even after Cilla died a year and a half ago, Doza stayed away from the futon. But now that we have a new (and better) bed, well, apparently now it’s her preferred sleeping spot.

Zoe approved of the new bed, too.



  1. My kitten sleeps at my feet too! He takes up more room then me some days, espically when he is all spread eagle style! So cute! YAY new bed!

  2. Ann

    thanks! cats on feet are one of life’s great things.

  3. Angela Heffernan

    Oh, I’ve ALWAYS hated out bed (picked out and bought by the mother-in-law no less), and hate it more with each passing year, and I’m completely envious of you! Maybe one year when we aren’t planning on moving that year … or maybe one of these moves, its staying behind!

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