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I’ve realized recently that I’ve been searching online for other parents who have dealt with small toddlers and glasses. I haven’t found much beyond a few odd (and old) postings to parenting forums and pages that are geared towards parents with older children. I know that it’s not all that common for kids Zoe’s age to need glasses, but I also know it’s not unheard of, and I’d really like to be able to chat and brainstorm with other parents about some of the things we run into: how to deal with glasses and tantrums, how to teach her to put on her glasses, what to look for in glasses, etc.

If only there were some way of connecting with other parents in situations like ours – some way of reaching others regardless of where they’re located – some kind of big interconnected network of communication – maybe one made of tubes – an “internet” if you will. Wait…

So I’m starting a new blog specifically about dealing with toddlers and glasses. Why have it as a separate blog? In part because I’m not sure if everyone wants to read about the details of eye exams and glasses and other such things. Not to mention, when I’ve been looking for information online, what I want is one place specifically about glasses, so I’m going to play around with putting together what I’ve been wanting to find, and hope that other parents find it as well. Which doesn’t mean I won’t talk about Z and her glasses here, just not in super in-depth detail. But if you’re interested in reading about pediatric ophthalmologists, strabismus, and infant eyeglasses, please drop by Little Four Eyes. Or if you know of anyone who’s having to deal with any of that, feel free to point them that way.



  1. Go to PAVE… You should also check out for info on children’s vision.

    I have additional resources on my office web at

  2. Thank you! I’m checking those out right now and will add those to the resources page on Little Four Eyes.

  3. I think your blog is great. I also have not found much online about other parents whose infants need glasses.

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