The Tragic Optimist

so how is Zoe, anyway?

Zoe’s doing well, she’s made the transition to the toddler room, and while she still has some hesitation in the mornings, it’s getting better and she’s always in a grand mood when we pick her up.

She still doesn’t say much, but she understands a ton. I’ve been experimenting with telling her to do things and seeing if she’ll do them without me pointing or demonstrating what I want. Things like “please pick up the chicken you threw off the table and throw it away.” (which she did).

She throws her food off the table when she’s bored. We haven’t figured out a good response yet.

She also likes throwing things away. She gets upset when we throw things away instead of having her do it.

She just started sleeping through the night.  I shudder at writing this because I fear jinxing it, but I think we’re finally there, and quite a bit better rested.

Her eyes are still a bit crossed even with the glasses. Her next eye appointment isn’t until June, but we may try to get her in earlier if they don’t change.

Somehow we forgot Zoe’s 17 month birthday and didn’t get a rock hammer for scale picture. We’ll get one tomorrow or this weekend. We’re such bad parents. Maybe this is a sign that after 18 months we should scale back to a little less frequent pictures.


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