The Tragic Optimist


Sorry about the lack of posts. I don’t know if it’s the long, cold winter or what, but I’ve just felt a complete loss for words recently. Writing anything, even a simple email has been a long ordeal. But enough whining, that’s not what you’re here for.

Zoe has made the transition to the toddler room in daycare quite well, and seems to love the opportunity to play with the big kids. Except in the morning. Mornings, all the non-infant kids are in the same room until after breakfast when they break into their specific age groups. So she’s a bit shy going into the room to play with kids of all ages. And I can’t blame her. First thing in the morning, I’m not up for dealing with people who are way ahead of me cognitively. At least not until I’ve had some coffee. Anyway. Zoe has been a bit reluctant to let us leave in the mornings, so the teachers have taken to asking the other kids to find toys to share with Zoe, which they do quite happily. Now when we show up, two to three kids will immediately shout, “it’s Zoe!” and bring toys and books over to her. Which is sweet, but might add a bit to her feeling a bit overwhelmed when she’s getting books and legos and blocks and animals shoved at her. Anyway. A couple of days ago when Chris was dropping Zoe off, one of the older girls told him that she now had glasses. He thought that was kind of cool that Zoe would have another kid with glasses around, but the teacher said, no, she wasn’t getting glasses at all. I guess glasses are just now what the cool kids want to have.

Update: If you’re looking for more information on babies, toddlers and young children with glasses, check out my other blog, Little Four Eyes.



  1. Kymberli

    She’s a trendsetter already – what my students would call “the number one stunna!” 🙂

  2. LOL!

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