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When I picked Zoe up from daycare yesterday, her teacher said that she seemed a bit under the weather. Given her flushed cheeks, watering eyes, runny nose, and cough, I had to agree. So we got her to bed early, before getting a rock hammer for scale picture for 16 months.

Today, we decided to keep her home so she could recover. It was a quiet day of wiping noses, lots of naps, plenty of cuddles and one really good fruit smoothie. Still, a long day, but she seems to be on the mend.

Things we did not do today, because they just didn’t seem to be worth the effort:

  • Get dressed to meet the garage door repair man (when we made an appointment for him to come out, we weren’t planning on being home, so there was no real need).
  • Run to the mailbox before the mail carrier left so that we could return our Net.flix DVD (Freaks and Geeks – so sad to be done with that one).
  • Cook dinner.
  • Fight with Zoe to get her to sit in her high chair, or any dining room chair (she ate lunch on the kitchen floor, and dinner in my lap).
  • Try to hang the rock hammer growth chart at the appropriate height while also wrangling Zoe.

So no picture against the rock hammer growth chart yet, though we do have a traditional rock hammer for scale picture. We’ll get a picture of the growth chart as soon as it’s up, because it really is just that awesome.


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  1. Hey Ann, I was so happy about your reaction to being tagged with a meme last time that I’ve gone and done it again.

    This time it is to condense your life story to a 6 word memoir.

    🙂 It’s really hard, and mine is lame, but maybe you’ll enjoy it. I hope so.

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