The Tragic Optimist


Zoe went to the ophthalmologist (I got it right on the first try, this time!) on Friday for another check up. She’s kind of a star at the office there. The receptionists all coo over her and greet her excitedly, and the other patients in the waiting room flirt along with her. The ophthalmologist thought her eyes looked a lot better with the new prescription, but she’s still not always focusing with both eyes. So we’re going to wait for a few months and see if things get better on their own. Apparently being sick with something like pinkeye can affect how you’re focusing on things.

Speaking of pinkeye, the ophthalmologist verified that Zoe’s pinkeye is totally gone now, which is pretty darn awesome.

Very good friends just had a baby girl on Thursday. I’m thrilled for them. Welcome little girl, I know you’ll be in very good hands. It’s making me want to go out and buy so many little things for a little baby. Which would be against the spirit of my trying not to acquire stuff, although, I wouldn’t keep it, so maybe it’s ok…

Speaking of my attempts to not acquire things. I’ve done well in the not buying things arena, but we still have managed to acquire a bit. We bought diapers and toilet paper and food, which I can’t see really going without. At the eye doctor’s, the receptionist gave Zoe a little stuffed penguin for being so well-behaved. Then we got a package from my parents with a couple of really cute outfits for Zoe, and the best acquisition I can think of: a growth chart with rock hammers for scale!


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