The Tragic Optimist

Eating my words

After going through my old blog posts for that last post, I decided to go even further back. This is something I wrote back in September, 2000 on a message board about parenting. This was just before Chris and I got married – we knew that we would probably want kids, but not for a few years:

“Chris and I had this discussion recently. We both want children, but neither of us can justify fertility treatments if that was an issue. We’d both rather adopt.

. . .

When we decide to try to have kids, I think I’ll go off the pill and give it a couple of years. I don’t want to be one of those women taking a fertility test and then demanding we have sex right then and there if conditions turn out right to try to get pregnant. I mean, its a good excuse to get some, but I’d rather not need an excuse.”

Ah, how certain I sounded back then. And how very, very wrong. I started charting my temperature the first month we started trying, and started having some testing done 6 months after I started.

It really gives me pause, and reminds me that I cannot be certain of how I’d react in a situation until I’ve actually faced it. That’s worth keeping in mind.


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  1. Erin

    I had always said (years ago, before DH was in the picture) that I never even want children. And then I changed my mind and said I would have kids…but only one. And I would only have them “naturally”.

    NOW…. now I want a bunch….and I’ve been doing fertility treatments for 2 years….

    ahh, how we change our minds… 😉

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