The Tragic Optimist

Favorite Posts Meme

Fighting Windmills tagged me with the Favorite Posts Meme, which might be the first meme I’ve ever been tagged with – thanks (and I mean that honestly, not sarcastically)!  The idea isto go back through your archives and post links to five favorite blog posts that match five categories.

It’s been kind of fun looking through the posts, but really intimidating, too.  As I’ve mentioned before, writing doesn’t come easily, and now I’m finding that re-reading my writing isn’t so easy, either.  Plus I’m realizing that I want to write more – well, post more, I have 11 posts started that I haven’t finished yet.
And tagging is may be the most difficult.  Anyone who wants to do the same should consider themselves tagged.


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  1. Thanks for participating, Ann. I feel the same weirdness when I re-read my old posts too. I start itching to edit them and make them more presentable. I enjoyed reading these older posts! Do you want me to tag you more often? 🙂

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