The Tragic Optimist


How on earth am I supposed to get eye drops into Z’s eye without an extra 3 or 4 hands? My (not quite tragic, but definitely misplaced) optimism that she would be ok with eye drops since she’s used to us doing things around her eyes, seems to not be the case.

Edited to add: After a quick consultation with Dr. Google, I got the advice from multiple sites to not try to put the drops in her open eye, but rather have her close her eye tights (well that’s not hard, she does that as soon as she sees the eye drops) and put the drop in the inside corner of her eye (ok) and when she opens her eye the drops will “painlessly drip into her eye.”  I’m not as sure about the last part since it seems like the drops ran down her face.  But it’s not like I was going to get them in any other way. 



  1. It’s not going to happen without 3 or 4 extra hands. I wish I could help you! We had to put eye drops in my son’s eyes when he had tear duct issues and each time was an all-out battle, kicking, screaming, gnashing of teeth.

  2. Sorry Ann, that doesn’t sound fun…poor little Zoe – pink eye is horrible! I once had it in both eyes and it was nasty nasty nasty.

    I hope you have success…for obvious reasons I can’t offer any advice on getting drops into a kid’s eye, only a Cat 😦

  3. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. You brought up some really good points ( and much needed support). I haven’t decided to throw in the towel yet but I am going to be more committed to my own mental health for her sake if nothing else. By the way, Zoe is sooooo adorable!

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