The Tragic Optimist

Eye stories

Zoe has pink eye. She was sent home from daycare today, and a trip to the doctor with dad confirmed it. She doesn’t seem bothered by it, but it’s kind of nasty. I’m most worried about trying to get eye drops in her by myself tomorrow.


The girl is really getting used to her glasses. So much so that in the mornings, if I’m not on the ball, she’ll grab my hand and walk me over to the table with her glasses holder and point at them until I get the hint.


Perhaps not wanting to be outdone by her blog sister’s daring feat, Zoe decided to climb up all by herself on a swing at daycare. She didn’t get a chance to jump off because it tipped and she fell on her glasses. She’s got a cut under her right eye that follows the curve of the bottom of her frames. We expected a black eye, but somehow she escaped that.

Update: If you’re looking for more information on babies, toddlers and young children with glasses, check out my other blog, Little Four Eyes.



  1. They must have super-secret communication methods that we don’t know about!

  2. Nice blog… keep posting…

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