The Tragic Optimist

The glasses are back

Zoe got her glasses back yesterday. I was worried that she would resist after a week and a half of freedom from the specs, but she was fine, and her daycare teacher said that she kept laughing big belly laughs throughout the day today. Sad I missed that, but glad she’s good with the glasses.

Thanks to everyone for indulging me with that last post of mine. I feel a little silly – it is true that since we haven’t yet started trying – or even decided if we want to try – that I have no idea if we’ll face IF again. It’s just that after facing it the first time, I’m afraid of getting my hopes up. And I don’t really want to debate primary vs. secondary infertility here and now (again, because I have only as of yet faced primary IF), but I think a difference for me will be not having the overarching fear that I may never be a mom. But that really is getting ahead of myself.


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