The Tragic Optimist

Just when I’d gotten used to them

Zoe had a check up with the ophthalmologist (by the time we’re through with this, if nothing else, I’ll be able to spell that word right on the first try) on Friday. She agreed with us that Zoe’s eyes looked much better with the glasses, but thought that her left eye was turning in just a little bit – something that I had noticed recently.

So we’re increasing the prescription on the left eye (though it’s still not quite as high as the right eye). This was figured out by the doctor looking at Zoe’s eyes and holding up a lens to her eye and looking a little more. The ophthalmologist (dang it!) said she knew that it felt like we were just trying random things with no real science behind it – and it did feel that way, but as I told her, after seeing how much good the glasses did on the first try, I’m a believer. I’m glad that the ophthalmologist (whoo hoo! no red underline that time!) is being aggressive in getting her eyes right, but getting the lens changed means that the glasses had to be sent in to the lab, so Zoe’s going without glasses for the week. She seems a little more fatigued than normal without her glasses, and now that I’m used to the glasses, she just doesn’t quite look right anymore. Funny, since only a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t sure I liked how she looked with them, and now it’s strange to see her without them.

Update: If you’re looking for more information on babies, toddlers and young children with glasses, check out my other blog, Little Four Eyes.



  1. She looks really sweet with them on. It was funny to read your thoughts about the red underline spell-checker during this post. Heehee.

  2. “That’s my baby sister!”

  3. Ann

    Sarah, we have to get our girls together some time so they can actually meet!

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