The Tragic Optimist

15 Months

Saturday was Zoe’s 15 month birthday. I was looking forward to her first rock hammer picture with glasses, but as mentioned in the last post, she doesn’t have them right now.

Despite the fact that it is my rock hammer, Zoe has decided it’s hers, and it’s a great toy for lugging around, held precariously above her little toes. She objected pretty vociferously to me taking it away from her when I started fearing for her feet’s (wow that sounds wrong, but I think it’s right) safety. I keep meaning to make a growth chart with rock hammers on it to hang on the wall and measure her against. I may have to do that since the rock hammer pictures seem a little less safe these days.

Zoe has her 15 month appointment on Wednesday, so I’ll update with weight and height information then.


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  1. She’s such a cutie-pie! I think the correct way to say it might be “for the safety of her feet” because “feet’s” just sounds weird! Thanks for sharing her growth (both personality and physical) with us. 🙂

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