The Tragic Optimist

Zoe update

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my last post. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this right now. I hate to feel like I’m complaining since really, things are going very well on the nursing front. I’m still having trouble telling her no every single time she wants to nurse (it’s more often than when she was a tiny baby), but I think this weekend we can work to be back on something of a schedule now all the excitement of Thanksgiving is past, and she seems to be over the fever and vomiting sickness of the last two weeks. Now if the darned molars will just come in…

As for the Miss Zoe, she’s doing quite well. We’re going to see her ophthalmologist tomorrow about her cross eyedness. She’s handling the eye patches much better. This morning she gave a token cry of protest, but was over it before we’d completely smoothed the patch over her eye. Her right eye still crosses a bit though, so I’m guessing that at the least we’ll need to do the patching for a while longer.

Zoe is a huge fan of the cats. The closest she has to a word is “aah!” which she says every time she sees a cat. She hugs our older cat Doza and even tried to pick her up today. Even more cute though, is that she’ll pick up a cat toy – ribbons on a stick – and walk over to the cats and wave it around. It’s sweet how tolerant they are of her. (video here)

She’s taken to pointing to noses, mouth, and bellies a lot, with the occasional eye and ear. Both on herself and others. I’ve been trying to use this as an opportunity to teach her the words for those body parts, but mostly she just wants to point them out.

Watching Zoe spin in circles in the kitchen is our new entertainment. She giggles wildly when she stops and stumbles around dizzily. I love having a kid who cracks herself up on a regular basis.

So that’s our update for the time being. If anything interesting comes of the eye appointment, I’ll be sure to let you all know.


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