The Tragic Optimist

Day 1 of operation pirate-baby

Putting the eye-patch on was less traumatic than I expected, but still not fun. It just made Zoe very sad. She cried for a few minutes during which hugs and snuggles were liberally applied, and then she was mostly ok, but would just randomly break into tears during the first hour of eye-patch. The second hour and a half was much better, she seemed to be used to it and just went about her normal baby business. Hopefully it will be even easier in the future. I do think it’s a good sign that Zoe’s right eye (the weaker one) seems to focus and move just fine when the left eye is patched.

It does seem a little strange to me that the eye patches we were sent were labeled as being “for girls.” I assume that explains the hears and musical notes on the patch. I have no idea what the boys version has. But really, is there a need to make the eye patches specifically for different genders?



  1. Good luck Zoe and Ann!
    I bet the boys version has snails and puppy dog tails. 😉

  2. my 9 month old son just won’t keep his patch on. the only thing we really haven’t tried are arm restraints, but that’s our last ditch option. do you have any advice on keeping patches on little people?

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