The Tragic Optimist

at what cost sleep? also, pirate-baby

Zoe hasn’t really been much of a sleep-through-the-night baby. Recently, she’s been sleeping good 6-8 hour stretches, but when bedtime is 7 pm, that still means waking up in the middle of the night. Luckily, it usually only takes a short nursing session, and then she’ll curl up in her crib with her blanket and go back to sleep on her own. So maybe not ideal, but really not too bad. But last night and the night before, she slept from 7 pm – 6 am straight through. Which would be awesome, except that she was sent home from daycare yesterday afternoon with a 103 temperature. I’m home with her today, and she seems fine, but I’m worried that the awesome nights of sleep were only because of being sick. We’ll find out soon enough if this is a more permanent trend.

In other news, we contacted Zoe’s eye doctor again because her eyes seem to have gotten more crossed again. She was checked out at 9 months and we were told to just wait and watch, and her eyes seemed to get better, and then not so much. We sent some pictures to the ophthalmologist who just called today to say that she wants us to try patching Zoe’s left eye for 2-4 hours per day, and then come in 2 weeks for a check up. I was told that putting the patch on her eye is not as easy as it sounds. This concerns me – it never sounded particularly easy to begin with.  Chris on the other hand, is concerned that Zoe will next want a hook for a hand and a peg-leg, and then next thing you know she’ll start demanding a parrot. Or maybe she just wants to be like her big sister-in-blog (who was perhaps the awesomest pirate ever for Halloween)

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  1. You said it before I could. Blogging pirate sisters unite!

    (Ghods, we need to get to MN for a visit.)

    Best of luck with the patching – I hope you all tolerate it moderately well & you can get some answers as to what’s going on.

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