The Tragic Optimist

Other things Zoe tries (sometimes successfully) to do on her own

  • Eat an apple.  A whole apple.  And woe to him who tries to take the apple away from her.  I know that whole apples are probably considered choking hazards, but she bites off really small pieces when we give her a whole apple.  If we give her cut up apple, she shoves as many pieces as possible into her mouth at once.
  • Drink out of a glass.  She does it pretty well, except for pulling the glass away before turning it back upright, and so spilling all down the front of her a lot.  For this reason, and many others, she pretty much only gets water to drink in cups.
  • Climbing up stairs.  She’s fast at it.  Unfortunately, she has not yet learned how to go back down the stairs, and she tries to just walk down them.  This scares her poor mom to no end.
  • Put her shoes, socks, and bibs on.  She can’t do these yet, but she sure tries – and it’s awfully cute.  I’ll have to try to get pictures of her trying to put a bib on.
  • Take her shoes, socks, and bibs off.  She’s pretty darn good at these.

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