The Tragic Optimist


Zoe has started getting an independent streak – she’ll decide she wants to feed herself with a spoon – she can get the spoon into her mouth no problem, it’s the getting food on the spoon, and then getting it to stay on the spoon during the long journey to her mouth that needs a bit of practice. She’ll also get annoyed if we try to turn the pages ourselves when reading her a book, and often she’ll decide that she needs to be walking and not carried.

She’s recently shown the independent streak by insisting that she get into her rocking chair all by herself. No help!

Always approach the rocking chair with proper respect.

“just got to get that leg up there…”

“yes! I got it”

“Surprise, Mom! I did it without even having my hands free!”

Rocking the rocking chair


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  1. I *love* that you got photos of each step in the process! I can’t wait to see you, Zoe & Chris when I come for a visit in January . . . we’re planning a party on Sunday the 20th, early enough in the day that kids are more than welcome, and since it might be a costume party, if Zoe still fits in her SuperZ costume, she should totally wear it!

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