The Tragic Optimist

I’m such a good mom

I had the day off yesterday, so Zoe and I met Chris for lunch, and afterwards, the two of us went to the nearby mall to run some errands and just get out of the house.  I brought one of our cheapo sippy cups for Zoe.  Now Chris has warned me many times that these sippy cups would lose their lids easily if dropped, but I had never had a problem with them, and Zoe was only drinking water, so I wasn’t too worried (this sentence is an example of foreshadowing).  We were on our last errand at Target when Zoe threw the cup out of her stroller.  I carefully re-fastened the lid and handed it back.  She continued to try to throw the cup out, so when she finally succeeded in dropping it, I just put it in the cup holder where she couldn’t get it.

A few minutes later, she started fussing so I grabbed the sippy cup and tried to give it to her to drink.  This is where the cheapo, not tight lid comes into play.  I tipped it in front of her face and the lid fell off and the entire contents were poured all over Zoe.  My finely honed mommy instincts kicked into high gear as I continued to pour the water on Zoe and then stood there laughing at my daughter’s look of shock.  It did stop her fussing.


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  1. oh now, that’s funny.

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