The Tragic Optimist

The Adventures of Super Zoe: Baby Extraordinaire

Happy Halloween! Zoe didn’t go trick-or-treating (she doesn’t eat candy and she doesn’t know what she’s missing anyway), but she did have a party at daycare that needed a costume. So this was my first make-a-costume-for-my-child adventure. I was worried last night that it didn’t look very cute, but I forgot that babies make everything cuter.

Her cape is a cloth diaper.

Flying in her secret Dadmobile

We can rest easy tonight.  The house is safe with Super Zoe guarding the door.



  1. Helene



  2. Angela Heffernan

    I’m telling you (again) — you’ve saved Halloween for me and kids everywhere by making this costume. I am so impressed and inspired!

  3. Ann

    Thanks! To give credit where it’s due, the onesie was made by my mom for Zoe to where under her dress at the wedding if it got too cold. So I just made the Super Z patches and sewed them on to the onesie and the diaper. I’m pleased with it – it turned out way better than I expected. I just hope I’m not setting expectations for future Halloweens.

  4. Michelle

    Too cute for (more) words!

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