The Tragic Optimist

Thoughts while working from home

(just getting around to posting this now, though it was mostly written yesterday)

I’m working from home trying to finish up a few projects before the end of the week. Zoe is at daycare, so it’s very quiet here.  Even when she’s napping, I’m used to hearing the buzz and soft breathing from the baby monitor.  I suppose I could turn on some music, but I’m kind of enjoying the quiet.

I have trouble writing.  Part of the purpose of this blog (small part, but part nonetheless) was to give me practice at writing, and hopefully make it a little less painful.  Hasn’t really helped.  I’ll write a little, and then have to go do something else.  I can’t just sit down and write.  This is true whether I’m writing for work, writing a personal email or a post for this blog.  So I’m using this post as a way to get a break from my work writing.

Our mailman and cats have a close relationship.  He always meows when he brings our mail.  If the cats are on the porch, they run to the window nearest the door and meow back.  If they’re not on the porch, they often beg to be let out when they hear him coming.  I’ve never spoken with him, but I’ve heard him carrying on conversations with our cats.



  1. Maria

    “He always meows when he brings our mail.”

    Your mailman meows to your cats? I love it!

  2. Adam

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I like your blog. I stumbled across it while searching for a rock hammer oddly enough. The use of it as a measure of growth is pretty funny.

  3. Ann

    Thanks Adam! I’m highly amused that this blog is the first hit when googling rock hammer for scale. Makes my hidden geologist side happy

  4. Keep the good work going. I visit your blog regularly.
    Mine is Do visit and share your views also…

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