The Tragic Optimist

What is up with my front yard?

I thought it was pretty cool this summer when the baby bunnies were born and raised in our front yard. It was quite a bit less cool when we found the dead cat in our front flower bed last month. And then today I noticed a bunny in our front lawn who was just sitting there, not quite looking right. I was able to walk right up to him and he wouldn’t run away, and he was sitting, somehow, not symmetrical. I kept watching through the day and he didn’t really move much except to get away from the road. I was getting pretty worried about him, and plus I didn’t want another dead mammal in our yard, so I called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota to ask what I should do. They told me to bring him in. Chris and I managed to get him covered by a box and onto a piece of cardboard, and I headed over there, 25 minutes before they closed. I hit road construction and then managed to get lost, so I didn’t make it until 5 minutes after closing, but there was a very nice woman still there who took him in. Apparently he has a broken femur, and maybe something wrong with his eyes. I’m assuming he got hit by a car on Lyndale. Poor little guy. I can email them for an update, which I think I’ll do. I hope he’s ok. Still, that’s enough with the animals in my yard.

No rock hammer picture tonight. Zoe was apparently completely exhausted from the shots and fell asleep at 4:30 this afternoon. We’ll do the picture tomorrow.


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