The Tragic Optimist

Happy Birthday! Have some needle pokes

Just got back from Zoe’s one year appointment. At the time that we made the appointment, it seemed like a good idea to take her in on her birthday since it’s a Friday and I have Fridays off. In retrospect, giving her 4 shots and having blood drawn is not really the way I’d envisioned her celebrating her first birthday. She’s sleeping it all off now, and if past shots are any guide, she’ll be fine after her nap, she’s a trooper. At least I hope so, since I don’t want her to be feeling miserable tomorrow for her birthday.

As for 12 month stats:

  • 21 pounds 9 ounces – 50th percentile
  • 29 inches – 50th percentile
  • 18 inch head circumference – 50th percentile

That’s my median girl!Pictures and more thoughts yet to come today.


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  1. Laura

    Happy Birthday to Zoe!

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