The Tragic Optimist

365 days of Zoe

Zoe turns one tomorrow. We’ve survived and even enjoyed a full year of parenting. It’s crazy to think of just how much she’s changed in the year.

Day 1

Day 356

Pretty crazy to think how much I’ve changed too.

Rock hammer photos and more thoughts tomorrow.



  1. Happy birthday, Zoe! I recognize that dress… somebody else wore it the day before their first birthday!

    We have boxes of clothes for you guys… probably stuff that will fit in the spring (have I sent you 18 month stuff yet? I’ll have to see what’s in the closet…).

  2. elizabeth

    Happy birthday, Zoe!

  3. Ann

    Thanks (um, that’s me responding for Zoe)!

    I think we have the 18 month stuff – I know we still have some things from you that are still too big.

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